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High quality Printed Circuit Board 's ( PCB 's ) at the lowest possible cost - Single Sided - PTH - Multilayer

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How to get Prices for your Printed Circuit Boards

You can get prices for Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB 's) in any of the following ways:-

If your PCB falls within our Standard PCB Specifications, you can get an instant price.

If your requirements do not conform to our Standard PCB Specifications we can still almost certainly satisfy your order, but you will need to contact us directly for price and delivery.

For large volume pricing , please contact us directly and we may be able to give you a special price. Please allow one full working day for a response.



Need PCB's in Europe?

Printed Circuit Boards for Europe

No problem. Delivery takes one more day and shipping costs a little more. If you are registered for VAT, please let us have your VAT number and we will not charge you UK VAT.