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About Tecbridge Ltd and its PCB Alliance Partners in Asia

Tecbridge was founded in 1996 by Henry Gibson to provide specialised electronics services to Industry and to develop emerging new growth markets in UK and overseas.

The name Tecbridge was coined to represent our key business purpose - to bridge the gulf between consumers of complex and advanced electronics systems and equipment and to service the needs of our customers with sophisticated and relevant solutions.

Tecbridge has been at the forefront in the formulation and implementation of new technologies, notably low-latency VOIP technology destined for the business-critical Finance Industry. Most major trading floors in the World today use products and technologies conceived and developed by Tecbridge.

In 2005, Tecbridge embarked on the design of a range of interactive property advertising products. Today, Tecbridge has one of the largest range of interactive display solutions for the Estate Agent market available anywhere.

In early 2007, Tecbridge embarked on the design of a range of new specialised business-critical telecommunications infrastructure products for the Banking industry. These products demanded printed circuit boards of impecable quality whilst being cost-effective in prototype and small batch runs. After extensive evauation Tecbridge formed close ties with a Chinese partner which fulfilled Tecbridge requirements better than any other.

Tecbridge Circuits represents the consolidation of this relationship, and we are proud to represent our Chinese partners in UK and Europe.

As a company that both designs and manufactures electronics products and systems, we believe we are uniquely positioned to offer a personal and knowledgable service to our customers.