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Printed Circuit Board Pricing Policies

PCB Factories

Tecbridge offers printed circuit boards from two factories. We have named them "Scoat" and "Fairfield" to provide English names we and our customers can pronounce and remember. "Scoat" and "Fairfield" are lesser known English mountains.

Our Scoat plant supplies high quality single and double sided pth boards at low cost and contributes the majority of our turnover by quantity. The Scoat factory is located near Shijiazhuang in Hebei province in China.

Our Fairfield plant supplies 1-20 layer PCBs and can offer faster turn-around's and tighter design rules than Scoat. The Fairfield plant is located in Shenzhen which is in Guangdong province - just north of Hong Kong. Shenzhen is twinned with Rotherham in 2007.

Note that it is not possible to transfer tooling between these two factories. This means if you initially order boards supplied by the Scoat plant and then need an urgent batch which can only be supplied from the Fairfield facility, you will need to pay tooling charges afresh.

Tecbridge has developed intimate knowledge and understanding of these two facilities and does not use other factories for standard PCBs. Occasionally to meet special technical requirements we may need to source PCB's from other factories amongst our extensive contacts in Europe and Asia, however we will always discuss the benefits and risks with our clients before supplying boards from a non-regular source.

Limitations of Price Calculator

Prices offered on-line are accurate most of the time. Tecbridge reserves the right to amend prices or decline to accept certain orders following evaluation of customers design files. The most Common Factors influencing price but not accounted for in our on-line price calculator include:-

  1. Multiple designs in same PCB panel. We charge extra tooling for each additional design.
  2. Gold fingers. Please contact for pricing
  3. Blind and/or buried vias. Please submit files for evaluation and pricing.
  4. We are only able to provide price/time-scale options on-line for orders less than 1 square meter. Please call us if you need rapid turn-around for larger orders.
  5. Special pricing may apply when individual circuits are smaller than 10mm x 10mm whether in a panel or not.

Slots, irregular outlines, cut-outs, 'V' scoring, some non-standard resist and silk screen colours are all included in our standard price.

Panels of Identical PCBs

The price calculator offers accurate prices for panels of identical PCB's. Simply enter the final panel size and quantity of panels. If individual boards are to be separated by routing, please allow 2mm gap between boards. It is normal to add a 5mm waste strip to the two longest edges of a panel to facilitate holding in assembly fixtures or pick and place machines. We can also separate individual boards by "V" grooves top and bottom. You can generally separate boards after assembly by snapping without special tooling which will leave a slightly rough edge. This is not recommended for multilayer PCB's when a special tool must be used.

Additional Capabilities

Our Fairfield facility can undertake PCB manufacture to more stringent design rules than our Standard Design rules at extra cost. Fairfield regularly executes designs at 4 mils (0.1mm( trace and separation and hole sizes down to 0.2mm. We can also supply boards in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 5mm.


Q Why does price calculator offer more than one price for the same number of working days?

A Like the rest of the PCB industry, we quote delivery times in working days, although our factories work 7 days a week. Courier companies have varying performance according to the time of the week. Thus our factory may need different times to complete orders to enable us to achieve a particular delivery target depending on the time of the week when the order is placed. Please contact us directly for guidance as to which price applies depending on when you intend to place your order.